Obtaining a Restraining Order
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Obtaining a Restraining Order

When I graduated high school, I started dating a guy from my hometown. Unfortunately, his former girlfriend was not thrilled with this situation. She begin to call my home and harass me. She cried uncontrollably during her phone calls and begged me to break up with my new boyfriend. I began to worry about my safety. Due to her unrelenting and disturbing behavior, I decided to end my relationship with my new boyfriend after only a few weeks. If you are being harassed by another person, you should consider obtaining a restraining order against him or her. An experienced attorney can help you through this important process. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of hiring an attorney to help you secure a restraining order.


Obtaining a Restraining Order

Understanding Malicious Prosecution Injury Claim

Katie Larson

What It Is

Everyone is free to seek legal remedy each time they feel aggrieved by another party; in short, you can lodge criminal or civil claims against any party you think has wronged you. Unfortunately, some people abuse the process by intentionally making false claims on people they have personal differences with. For example, someone may accuse you (falsely) of shoplifting as a way of getting back to you for sleeping with their spouse. Such intentionally false lawsuits are known as malicious claims, and malicious claim lawsuits allow you to recover damages associated with such lawsuits.

The Damages

Here are some of the damages you may be entitled if you have been maliciously prosecuted:

Damage to Reputation

This is one of the most common damages; it makes sense because your reputation is damaged when someone accuses you of something you haven't done. The extent and value of the damage depend on different factors such as your job, position in the society, and nature of the accusation. For example, a religious leader falsely accused of extramarital affairs may have their reputation damaged more than a student accused of feigning illness to avoid examinations.

Mental Suffering

The emotional and psychological impact of getting maliciously prosecuted is often more serious than others can see. It can be confusing and embarrassing to have to deal with legal charges that you know are a hundred percent bogus. It's even worse if you get to spend some time behind bars. All these pain and suffering should be compensated when you finally get your day in court against the orchestrator of your malicious prosecution.

Loss of Business or Earnings

Loss of earnings is always an integral part of most personal injury claims. In the case of malicious prosecution, there are many ways in which you can lose business or earnings. For example, a school teacher may be fired if they are prosecuted for misappropriating school funds. If you are an entrepreneur, the damage to your reputation may also make others wary of doing business with you.

Associated Expenses

Apart from the direct loss of money you may experience as a result of a malicious prosecution, you may also lose money in other ways. For example, you will need money to defend yourself against the accusations, you may need bail money, you may need to hire an attorney, and you may also need bail money. You deserve to be compensated for all these incidental expenses.

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