Obtaining a Restraining Order
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Obtaining a Restraining Order

When I graduated high school, I started dating a guy from my hometown. Unfortunately, his former girlfriend was not thrilled with this situation. She begin to call my home and harass me. She cried uncontrollably during her phone calls and begged me to break up with my new boyfriend. I began to worry about my safety. Due to her unrelenting and disturbing behavior, I decided to end my relationship with my new boyfriend after only a few weeks. If you are being harassed by another person, you should consider obtaining a restraining order against him or her. An experienced attorney can help you through this important process. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of hiring an attorney to help you secure a restraining order.


Obtaining a Restraining Order

3 Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Approached By The Police For A Possible Arrest

Katie Larson

Being arrested can be incredibly scary. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you are probably worried about your future. It is important that if you are arrested that you know what to do simplify the process, protect yourself and not make things worse. Here are a couple things you should avoid if you are arrested.

1. Don't Resist Arrest

The police don't need to have concrete evidence to arrest you; they just need to have a reasonable cause. This means that if you resist arrest, you are not helping your case. Instead, you could just give them more reason to assume that you are guilty, and they could treat you as a hostile suspect. For this reason, you should be respectful to the police if they approach you. This doesn't mean that you have to be accommodating, but you shouldn't resist arrest.

2. Don't Invite Them Into Your House, Or Willingly Let Them Search Your Home

The police cannot search your home without a search warrant, unless they have permission from you. This means that you shouldn't invite the police into your home, or allow them to search your person or your belongings. Ask them to bring back a search warrant to search your property.

If they come to your doorstep, stay at the door and talk to them. Don't feel the need to invite them in. This will only allow them more flexibility with searching you.

3. Don't Answer Any Questions Without A Lawyer

Once you have been arrested, the police will try and interrogate you. These interrogations will be used as evidence against you to charge you, or to use in court in your trial. In many cases the police can say what they need to get you to confess, they can even lie. This is why you shouldn't try to navigate an interrogation on your own. Instead, wait until you have your lawyer present to answer any questions. Even if you are innocent you shouldn't say any thing. You never know what kind of information they are looking for or if they will twist what you said.

Instead, the moment you are arrested you should ask for a lawyer from a company like The Legal Solution Professional Corporation. Once you have asked for a lawyer they cannot talk to you until your lawyer is present.

By understanding what you should and shouldn't do if you are arrested, you can protect yourself in that case that you are arrested.