Obtaining a Restraining Order
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Obtaining a Restraining Order

When I graduated high school, I started dating a guy from my hometown. Unfortunately, his former girlfriend was not thrilled with this situation. She begin to call my home and harass me. She cried uncontrollably during her phone calls and begged me to break up with my new boyfriend. I began to worry about my safety. Due to her unrelenting and disturbing behavior, I decided to end my relationship with my new boyfriend after only a few weeks. If you are being harassed by another person, you should consider obtaining a restraining order against him or her. An experienced attorney can help you through this important process. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of hiring an attorney to help you secure a restraining order.


Obtaining a Restraining Order

Taking A Closer Look At Litigation Lawyers | A Client's Guide

Katie Larson

It is no big secret that the type of lawyer you choose to represent you in court should coincide with the type of case that you have on your hands. Just like you would not go to a doctor that specializes in bones if you are having problems with your heart, you should always use a lawyer that is skilled and experienced with your specific type of case. While most people are familiar with the term litigation or litigation attorney, as a client, you may not fully understand what it is that is different about a litigation lawyer. Here are a few of the most common questions about litigation lawyers.   

What kinds of cases will a litigation attorney be needed in?

Every litigation attorney has their own skill set, which means each may offer services for different types of cases. However, some of the most common cases that litigation attorneys represent include:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Alimony Filings
  • Discrimination Cases
  • Settling Debts with Creditors
  • Property Damage Lawsuits 

When should you seek the advice or guidance of a litigation lawyer?

If you plan to file a claim against another individual or entity, you should seek the counsel of a litigation attorney. You will spend a fair amount of time with your chosen attorney, so make sure that the one you choose is easy to work with, accessible when needed, and has the experience needed to be a good mediator for your type of case. For example, if you were to file a claim against an employer who refused to hire you because of your race, it would be a good idea to get a litigation attorney who is familiar with workplace and discrimination cases. 

What is the difference between a litigation and transactional lawyer?

A transactional lawyer is one that oversees your rights in a legal deal, such as what would take place in a business proceeding. These professionals often work with people who are filing specific legal claims and they oversee the whole process to make sure that everything is filed and handled appropriately. A litigation lawyer works in and out of the courtroom to be a voice for you as their client. They represent you before the judge and play a vital role in making sure you are treated fairly and given the chance to make a case against another party on the basis of your rights if needed. 

As a prospective legal client looking for services, it is always a good idea to research different types of lawyers. If you believe you may need a litigation lawyer (such as one from Sparling Law Office), just give one a call and voice your questions and concerns, as they will be happy to offer advice.